If you're interested in becoming our Franchisee or a wholesale regional dealer, we are open for the co-operation. Becoming our Franchisee or Distributor you can get the exclusive rights to sell retail or wholesale our products in your territory. All Bodhi products are certified by certification authorities in Thailand, European Union, Russia and Kazakhstan. It means no additional costs and time for the certification process.


​Bodhi Franchising

As the Bodhi Herbal SPA Cosmetics brand owner, we not only produce our high quality cosmetic products, but we also have our modern yet authentic cosmetic store design. We provide you design project, furniture, design objects and some of exclusive building materials which will make your shop look authentic and luxurious.


​Bodhi Concept Store

Our concept store design was born in the same place as our cosmetic products. Most parts of the furniture and design objects are made using natural materials. Opening Bodhi cosmetic shop, all you need to do, is to provide us with the floor plan and location details. We will not only make design project of the shop, but also produce the furniture, and choose the finishing building materials for the authentic Thai SPA atmosphere according to our concept.



Apart from offering a Franchise based co-operation, we are interested in establishing a partnership with the wholesale distributors, cosmetic store chains, hotels, pharmacies, SPA's and health centers.


Professional SPA products, hotel amenities and private brands cosmetics

We also supply professional products for use in SPA and hotel amenities in bulk or custom packaging. There are always many options to choose between different grades of products in terms of price and quality, starting with mid-level Paraben's and SLS free products for health centers, retail chains, and finishing with most advanced premium class's products with pure gold or pearls for luxurious hotels, exclusive SPA's, airlines, etc... You can also order your own packaging design and products range. We will take care of this process starting with brand and design creation following with products development, production, and even certification in most of Asian and European countries.

If you are interested in working with Bodhi, contact us.