The Art of Oriental SPA

Bodhi brings you the secrets of the ancient oriental spa enhanced with ultimate knowledges according to the modern human’s needs. Bodhi is a blend of rich herbal recipes and healthy natural potions. Our compositions of natural essential oils and plant extracts restore the balance of the body and spirit, giving health, beauty and joy.



All our products are generously enriched with precious such active ingredients like minerals, proteins, herbal extracts and essential oils. Our soaps not only have the cleansing properties, but also nourish and moisturise the skin. While oils, lotions and creams, in addition to its main moisturising function, also infuse the body with precious nutrients. We are not using harmful chemicals, which can accumulate in the body and have harmful effect. We also abstain from ingredients which are poorly understood or have not been long proven. Bodhi is intrinsically safe for your body and safe for the environment.


The Harmony of Bodhi and Your Body

“Bodhi” is the harmony of nature. It is the everlasting balance of plants and human. Our ancient recipes restore the body and the soul to this natural state. Aromatherapy provides spiritual harmony and at the same time, our pure ingredients encourage a burgeoning of outer beauty. All of our products are made according to a wise tradition of body care and time honoured knowledge of the earth. SPA in Thailand is a part of life. Enjoyment of physical sensations and rituals of self-care date back to the ancient philosophy of Buddhism. They made sense in the past and now they are mandatory for the present. Over time, spa secrets and rituals used for cleansing and refreshment have become a special delicacy. All the best knowledge is brought into Bodhi cosmetics. Our selected compositions and smooth textures will be your daily source of beauty, health and pleasure.


The generosity of plants - for your beauty and pleasure...

The mild tropical climate of Thailand provides not only leisure and luxury, but also promotes strong verdant plant growth. Thailand’s rich flora generously blossoms with substances which are ideal for the maintenance of beauty and fitness. 

A variety of fruit, ripe under the equatorial sun, and an abundance of flowers and herbs provide essential oils and extracts which are the basis for professional and home spa. Today Bodhi cosmetics can magically transport you to the edge of relaxation and meditation with restorative, refined oriental fragrances